Video// Natural Product Empties

Today I have got something a little bit different for you, which I am super excited about! Instead of just pictures, I actually have moving images, what an upgrade, hey?! 😉 I set up a YouTube channel, as it means that I can actually TALK about all the things I am passionate about and review products in a bit more depths. I love to communicate and through my journey to a more natural lifestyle I have already found many inspiring people, so I am really excited for even more communication through this new channel! Also I just LOVE watching YouTube videos myself and filming one has been equally as fun!

To kick things off, I thought I would talk through recently empty products, as I think they show my transition quite well. Some of these are super clean and some I probably won’t buy again, but…see for yourself! 🙂

I really hope you like the video (and me talking ;-)) and if you do, you can subscribe to my channel to be informed when I upload the next video!

Love, Joi

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