Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette

Lily Lolo Laid Bare PaletteI absolutely love eye shadow palettes, because I think they are just so convenient and easy- especially the ones with natural shades for an everyday quick eye look! I usually keep my eye makeup the same and pretty repetitive so I actually use up eye shadow palettes quite quickly (except for that odd shade that every palette has probably 😉 ). I have been searching for a natural one for a while because somehow palettes don’t seem to be too common in the green beauty world. Anyway, I was super happy to stumble across this Laid Bare Eye Palette from Lily Lolo- as the name suggests the shades are very neutral, perfect for an everyday look and also suiting my brown eyes!Read More

Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples


I am a big fan of multi-purpose products, as they save me a whole lot of time during applying makeup as well as space in my makeup bag. Both of which I am in desperate need of right now, as I am currently applying my makeup on the car ride to work…(don’t worry I am carpooling, not driving myself 😉 ). Plus I instantly fell in love with the colours and the packaging of this beautiful Pacifica Radiant Shimmers (yes I am a total marketing victim!).

The palette comes with three shimmery, creamy colours, that you can use as highlight, eyeshadow, on your lips or whatever other use you can think of, really 😉

Keep reading to see swatches and my uses of the shimmers…

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Lük Beautifood Lip Nourish

Lük Beautifood Lip NourishAs soon as I knew that I was going to move back to New Zealand (after living in Germany for the past 2.5 years), I started looking around the internet for green beauty companies and distributors (obviously…who needs a flat when you have makeup, right?). When you know you move across the world with only 2 suit cases you are kind of forced to stop buying makeup and beauty items and downsize to the bare minimum. However, if you already have someone you can ship new things to in the country you will move to (aka my parents), well then you might as well start doing that, right? 🙂 So that is how I found Lük Beautifood, a lovely Australian online shop, which distributes 100% Pure products (my favourite company, helloooo!!!) and also makes her own lip sticks! So imagine my excitement when I had these lovely new friends (please tell me I am not the only one who has a strong bonding with their makeup) waiting for me after a 3-day plane journey #treatyoself !

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EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balm

I have already mentioned it in this post, but just in case you missed my confession: I am a lip balm addict. However, in my defense, my addiction is more or less accidental. Today, for example, I bring to you three lip balms, which were given to me as gifts for various occasions (christmas, my birthday) by different people. Okay, I admit, that kind of shows that if people know me well they buy me lip balms and then we are back to square one…but anyway, I am rambling…My point is: I LOVE these lip balms and, yes I use all three of these at the same time (they alternate between purses, drawers, my desk and various pockets 😉 ).

I am sure you have seen these before as well, because they are crazily hyped up and everyone and their dog owns an EOS lip balm. That stands for Evolutions of Smooth by the way, which I did not know – clever name though, right? So you can imagine my excitement when I first read their ingredients and realised that a natural, organic lip balm has reached such an it-product status! Wohhoooo, 1 point for natural beauty!

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Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (Starter Collection in Medium)

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Starter Set

Hi everyone, long time no talk! Life has gotten the better of me lately and unfortunately that meant not spending as much time on here as I would have liked to. Moving across the world and changing your life rather drastically is a scary process and the last two months were definitely challenging for me. However, I think what is important to remember when going through major changes in your life is to just take it one step at a time and not rush yourself into anything too soon. Taking time off to reflect, reevaluate and regroup are important (though sometimes painful) processes in our life, which often cannot be rushed. Also, if I have learned anything from this experience is to not put yourself under too much pressure and thus neglect the things that truly make you happy. For me, I really enjoy blogging, making videos, as well as testing and researching green beauty and fashion items. But instead of focusing on that, I focused on all the worries of my life, as I felt that they were more important. Yes, makeup and beauty is not the biggest necessity in our lives, but it makes me happy and if I am happy I am a lot more likely to look at things with a more positive mindset. So since we are on that topic…let’s get back into what you probably came here for…makeup! 🙂

First off, can we all appreciate that packaging…Isn’t it sooo pretty. Yay for natural makeup looking just as gorgeous as “mainstream” makeup! Second of all, how cool is the concept that you can buy a samples pack, with four different shades to try out the brand before purchasing the real deal! Talk about customer-friendly! The set was part of my recent natural products haul, so you can check it out live and in colour here! Since then I have tried and tested it (and actually almost finished all four of the little containers), so keep on reading if you are interested in a review (and pictures of my face with the makeup on ;-))
Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Set in Medium

I got the starter set in the shade medium, as I figured that would suit my skin tone best. As you can see, it comes with four little containers of different shades, as well as a mini buki brush (too cute!).

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Video// Natural Skincare & Makeup Haul

My second YouTube video just went up, people! I picked up a few products from the online distributor Ecco Verde, which I am showing you in the video! Some of these items have quickly become absolute favourites, so look out for reviews coming to the blog soon! 🙂 Also, check out the info box for more details on the products and all the links!

I hope you like the haul, oh and don’t forgot to subscribe to my channel to keep updated with new videos (if you would like to 😉 )

Thanks for watching!

Love, Joi

Video// Natural Product Empties

Today I have got something a little bit different for you, which I am super excited about! Instead of just pictures, I actually have moving images, what an upgrade, hey?! 😉 I set up a YouTube channel, as it means that I can actually TALK about all the things I am passionate about and review products in a bit more depths. I love to communicate and through my journey to a more natural lifestyle I have already found many inspiring people, so I am really excited for even more communication through this new channel! Also I just LOVE watching YouTube videos myself and filming one has been equally as fun!

To kick things off, I thought I would talk through recently empty products, as I think they show my transition quite well. Some of these are super clean and some I probably won’t buy again, but…see for yourself! 🙂

I really hope you like the video (and me talking ;-)) and if you do, you can subscribe to my channel to be informed when I upload the next video!

Love, Joi

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter : Peach

100% Pure Lip Butter

Welcome to this new week, beauty-lovers! I hope you will have a great one! 🙂 Today I would like to share with you a product that I have been using A LOT lately. Like every day really. First off, I have to confess that I am an accidental lip balm/butter/product addict. Somehow these little guys just appear in my purse, on my desk, in my pockets… everywhere really. I am not complaining though, as my lips are loving the extra care and are always well nourished. This one from 100% Pure (no surprises in the choice of company here), is a special one though, as it is also nicely tinted.

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