Earth Day: From yogurt cup to toothbrush and razor

From yogurt cup to toothbrush and razor

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I shared a link earlier on my Facebook page, which talked about 10 little, easy things that everyone can do to celebrate this day and help to make an impact in keeping our beautiful earth alive. Well, really you should be doing these things everyday, but hey…baby steps are the key here. Anyway, then I also saw this video from the super cool Lauren and it reminded me that I haven’t shared with you guys¬†yet my current toothbrush and razor (Don’t worry I took the pictures before I started using them!). They aren’t any toothbrush and razor, they are made from recycled yogurt cups – pretty cool, right? And also very Earth Day appropriate because the amount of waste we produce is rapidly becoming one of the biggest problems on this planet.

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