Lily Lolo Blush Showdown: Pressed vs Mineral

Lily Lolo Pressed vs Powder Blush

I recently was in desperate need of a new blush, so I decided to try one out from one of my favourite natural companies: Lily Lolo. I love them for their design, their affordability, the clean ingredients they use and of course that they are cruelty free. You can read more about the brand here.

So i jumped onto their website and went back and forth between the loose mineral blush and the pressed blush and finally decided to just try them both. I generally like natural, slightly pink-ish blushes so I literally managed to pick up two┬áin exactly the same colour (which I don’t mind at all). They will look slightly different in some of the following pictures but on my (currently still quite tanned) cheeks both colours look literally identically.

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100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush

100% Pure BlushI am beyond excited to finally revive my blog and fill it with some new content! So what better way to kick things off than to introduce you to my favourite brand. Like in the whole world. Like I am seriously obsessed and spent a little fortune on their products over the past year. Are you ready? Go check out 100% Pure and be totally amazed by their adorable design, colours, textures and most of all by their ingredients. Because guess what? They are miracle workers! Instead of using chemicals, toxins and parabens, they use fruits, oils and all kinds of natural goodness, which won’t harm your skin, animals or the environment. But the best part? Their products actually work and will look amazing on you. Okay, now I kind of sound like a sales-rep. I promise I am not. I am just deeply, madly in love.

The star of today’s show (aka. blog post) though, is this super pigmented, drop dead gorgeous blush. It is the prefect, everyday light pink colour, which gives you that healthy, natural glow. You can check out all the lovely ingredients here, but basically you are covering your checks in fruits and vitamins (sounds yummy, doesn’t it?).

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