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Schmidt's deodorantDeodorant was actually one of the first things that I swapped out for a more natural alternative. There are some nasty chemicals in those spray cans and I have also read a few reports linking the use of deodorants to breast cancer [not a medical expert here though]. Anyway, wanting to make a change was easier said than done and so I ended up testing out my fair share of products, with mostly not so great results. Like crystal stones, for example, which work well, but not well enough when you want to keep your white blouse sweat-free until that last meeting at the end of the day. So up until 2 months ago I actually still used a regular deodorant on the side, you know for those emergencies, like said meetings or going out for dinner after work.

BUT – drumroll, please – these days are over, because I am crazy excited to report that I have found the BEST natural deodorant out there (well, judging by the ones I have tried yet). Not only does it last me all day, it also smells really really nice & is easy to apply, so that I can even take it with me on the go (see a picture of how I depot it on my Twitter account)!

Schmidt's deo

Alright, enough of the swooning, let’s talk some facts here: All-natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Oh hey, that was easy 😉 Now onto the ingredients: Shea butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter, bergamot essential oil, lime essential oil, vitamin E and hop extract. Yup, that is it! Pretty cool, huh? Oh and that smell…citrusy, fresh and light- I love it! Despite that, the essential oils also lend additional disinfectant and skin healing benefits – Win!

Getting out the spatulaHere is how it works: Use that little spatula (sooo cute!) to scrape out a little bit of the product.

Schmidt's natural deodorant

Then melt it between your fingers and apply it to your armpits. Done! I love the creamy texture, as it feels really moisturising and not sticky at all!

Where to buy? I got this off, a European online distributor, with lots of amazing green products. For more resellers, check out Schmidt’s deodorant website.

What is you favourite deodorant? Have you tried any of the other flavours of Schmidt’s? Let me know!

Love, Joi

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