Pacifica Radiant Shimmer Coconut Multiples


I am a big fan of multi-purpose products, as they save me a whole lot of time during applying makeup as well as space in my makeup bag. Both of which I am in desperate need of right now, as I am currently applying my makeup on the car ride to work…(don’t worry I am carpooling, not driving myself 😉 ). Plus I instantly fell in love with the colours and the packaging of this beautiful Pacifica Radiant Shimmers (yes I am a total marketing victim!).

The palette comes with three shimmery, creamy colours, that you can use as highlight, eyeshadow, on your lips or whatever other use you can think of, really 😉

Keep reading to see swatches and my uses of the shimmers…

Pacifica Coconut Shimmer

About the company

I love all the Pacifica products and have been swooning over countless Instagram pictures of them! They all  look so pretty and Pacifica offers a great variety- yet they are absolutely natural and cruelty-free. Unfortunately I haven’t tried much from them yet, as it has been quite hard to get my hands on their products outside of the US (unless you are happy to pay crazy shipping costs…). I got this one off Vitacost, when my mum placed a big order on there anyway. You can read more about the company, their values and other products that I have tried, here.

Inside the Pacifica Shimmer Multiples

How I use the shimmers & my review

Look at that packaging, guys! “you are so pretty” – made my heart melt when I first opened the palette up! The second thing I noticed about the shimmers were their super creamy texture and the yummy smell of coconut! I actually have to hide this from my dog, as she is absolutely obsessed with coconut and I am pretty sure she would eat the entire palette, if I would let her 😉 The colours are all gorgeous, although I am definitely using the lighter shades a bit more. I love the rose tone as a highlight on my cheeks and the champagne shade for the rest of my face. I loved the bronze shade as an eye shadow, however unfortunately the creamy texture and my eyelids don’t seem to pair too well together, so after a few hours it was just sliding around (despite using another eye shadow underneath). Plus, the the colours come off very sheer (which you can see in the swatches below), which is why I think they are definitely best for highlighting!

Pacifica Coconut Shimmers swatches

Here is how Pacifica describes the colours:

Bronzed: Perfectly glowing sun-kissed color with golden shimmer shadow
Island Rose: Shimmering, radiant dewy pink shadow
Moonlit: Iridescent pale shades of moon-kissed shimmer


Let’s see…the shimmer in the colours is amazing!! I did not own any highlighters, so I am definitely glad that I got this palette and I still think it is super handy, although I probably will not be using it for anything else but highlighting. Another bonus is the super yummy smell, but what I don’t like is the texture – it is just a bit too creamy for my skin. I am still on a hunt for a good eyeshadow- and overall- face primer (any suggestions?), which will hopefully make applying these easier as well.

Overall, I think this is not necessarily a staple in your makeup collection but definitely nice to have, especially when you are in need of beautiful, shimmery highlighters!

Love, Joi

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