Martina Gebhardt Rose Lotion & Calendula Cream

Rose and Calendula Cream

I received these samples with a beauty order a while ago and because both the lotion and the cream have lovely, clean ingredients, I gave them a go! Okay…I might have missed that the calendula cream is meant for babies, but oh well 😉

About the company

Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik is a German brand, who…

  • only uses 100% natural ingredients
  • not uses synthetic raw materials, surfactants, glycerol, titanium dioxide, preservatives or alcohol for their creams and lotions
  • do not uses any raw materials produced by inhumane animal practices
  • obtains more than 95% of their raw materials from certified organic cultivation or Demeter contract cultivation
  • prepares their own spagyric essences
  • This preparation follows rhythmical, biodynamic principles
  • All of their products have the official seal for certified natural cosmetic products

Rose lotion

I never used to like rose products much, because it is not really my favourite scent (that is definitely vanilla), but ever since trying the 100%Pure Rose Water Mist (I talk about it here), I realised how great rose is for your skin. Especially for mine, which becomes irritated rather quickly, so the calming essence of the rose really helps with that! The lotion actually smelled really nice, the lotion felt quite watery-based and light and was nice and cooling on my face. The sample lasted me for three uses and my skin definitely loved this face lotion! It also worked great in the morning, before applying makeup, especially because I did not have to wait long for it to sink in.


Water, Olive Fruit Oil°, Sweet Almond Oil°, Shea Butter*, Cocoa Seed Butter*, Cetearyl Alcohol, Rose Flower Extract°, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract°, Lecithin*, Elder Root Extract°, Magnolia Officinalis Bark Extract*, Tea Leaf Extract°, Cetyl Alcohol, Spagyrische Essenz Rose Flower Extract°, Gold, Silver, Sulfur, Rose Flower Oil*, Santalum Album Wood Oil*, Geraniol**, Eugenol**, Citronellol**.
° Demeter-certified raw materials
* controlled & organic
** part of real essential oils

Alright…who noticed the alcohol in the ingredients list? Did the company not mention that they do not use any alcohol in their lotions? Well, if I was a chemist I would have probably known that there are a lot of different versions of alcohol. Luckily, the internet is pretty good in chemistry too, so I found out that the alcohol in this lotion is actually a fatty alcohol, which is good for our skin (who knew!). Here is the excerpt from the article, if you are interested in more facts:

The Good Types of Alcohol

There’s a class of ingredients known as fatty alcohols, which are not the least bit harmful for skin. Often confused with the bad alcohols, such as denatured alcohol, the fatty alcohols include, among others, cetyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol. Typically, fatty alcohols are used as emollients and thickeners in skin-care products. Fatty alcohols are not irritating and, in fact, can be beneficial for dry skin. As far as your skin is concerned, fatty alcohols are about as related to skin-damaging alcohol/ethanol as a martini is to a cup of olive oil.

[Source: Paula’s Choice Skincare]

Calendula Cream

Alright, let’s quickly talk about the Calendula Cream. As mentioned above, I only realised after using it that it is intentioned for babies and kids. Let’s just say, that is probably a good idea ;-). The texture was a bit creamier, I did not really like the smell and I also wasn’t really sure if this was supposed to be a face- , body- or hand lotion. To me, it did not really seem to be doing much for any of these body parts…But, again…the ingredients are lovely and if you have a baby near you, definitely recommend this cream to it ;-).

Overall, I think this company is definitely worth checking out, they have a great range of beautiful products! 

Thank you for letting me share these products with you! As you can see, I am still learning so much about clean ingredients every day, which I believe is a very important part of this journey. Only if we know what exactly we put onto our skin, we can make educated choices about the products we buy and are happy to support!

Love, Joi

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