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Lük Beautifood Lip NourishAs soon as I knew that I was going to move back to New Zealand (after living in Germany for the past 2.5 years), I started looking around the internet for green beauty companies and distributors (obviously…who needs a flat when you have makeup, right?). When you know you move across the world with only 2 suit cases you are kind of forced to stop buying makeup and beauty items and downsize to the bare minimum. However, if you already have someone you can ship new things to in the country you will move to (aka my parents), well then you might as well start doing that, right? 🙂 So that is how I found Lük Beautifood, a lovely Australian online shop, which distributes 100% Pure products (my favourite company, helloooo!!!) and also makes her own lip sticks! So imagine my excitement when I had these lovely new friends (please tell me I am not the only one who has a strong bonding with their makeup) waiting for me after a 3-day plane journey #treatyoself !


Lük Beautifood Order

Here is everything that I ordered (and look at that pretty card and packaging!!) – 100%Pure Black Tea Mascara, 100% Pure Brightening Concealer and a Lip Nourish Tasting Plate (which I will be sharing on here very soon – I am so excited to try all the shades!)

Lip Nourish Packaging

But the STAR of the post today is that beautifully wrapped package – yes, that lipstick comes with its own blanket/ wrapping! Cutest and happiest packaging I have ever seen! 🙂 And look at that detail- it even says the name of the nourish on it – truly feels special to unwrap it! I don’t own a dark shade of lipstick, which is why I picked up this mandarin & cinnamon one! So let’s unwrap it:

Lip Nourish with its blanket :-)

Look at this! Isn’t this sooo pretty! Still cannot get over that beautiful packaging. I also love how sleek and elegant the lip nourish itself is- great size to put into your handbag as well and quality is amazing!

LükBeautifood Lip NourishMy new friend also came with a little introduction on a beautiful piece of paper (wrapped into its “blanket”), which explains all the goodness that is in it! Yum! So of course, the nourish is all natural, gluten free, cruelty free and packed with vitamins, antioxidants to nourish your lips.

Lük Beautifood Lip Nourish in Mandain & Cinnamon

What I love about the Lip Nourish

  • Great colour-payoff and a beautiful shade!
  • Feels super soft on the lips and truly nourishes them
  • Lasts quite a while, considering it is a rather sheer lip stick
  • Smells super delicious (and tastes pretty good too 😀 )
  • Luxury, yet very practical packaging
  • Lük Beautifood has an amazing customer service, is conscious about the environment & supports the natural beauty of women!

I don’t think it is surprising that I can recommend this lip nourish to you in a heart-beat, but you should also really check out their website – they have a lot of amazing beauty (and other) tips on there. And I think they also just changed the packaging – so definitely hop over there  to have a look. Oh and check out their pretty Instagram!!


Alright lovelies, signing off now! Hope you are having a great day…and if you are in the mood let me know what your favourite lipstick/ balm is!

Love, Joi

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