Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette

Lily Lolo Laid Bare PaletteI absolutely love eye shadow palettes, because I think they are just so convenient and easy- especially the ones with natural shades for an everyday quick eye look! I usually keep my eye makeup the same and pretty repetitive so I actually use up eye shadow palettes quite quickly (except for that odd shade that every palette has probably 😉 ). I have been searching for a natural one for a while because somehow palettes don’t seem to be too common in the green beauty world. Anyway, I was super happy to stumble across this Laid Bare Eye Palette from Lily Lolo- as the name suggests the shades are very neutral, perfect for an everyday look and also suiting my brown eyes!

Laid Bare Palette copy

About the company

I compiled some information about LILY LOLO here – you can also find information about other brands I have tried in the brand directory!

Palette design

Before we talk about the beautiful shades in here, let’s talk about the packaging – because it is amazing! I am a big fan of the minimal black and white design from Lily Lolo – looks so chic, doesn’t it? But what really makes the packaging of the palette stand out for me is how small it is. It is literally super flat and so compact- as you see there is not much space between the individual shades and it is super light-weight too! Absolutely perfect for on-the-go or storing it in general – brilliant! As you can see it also comes with a double- sided applicator, however I prefer to use eye shadow brushes! The names are pretty cool too, right?

Lily Lolo laid bare eye shadow palette

Eye shadows

In this picture I just swatched the colours on a piece of paper – you will see them better in the next pictures, but you can see that they are warm colours and the first five are lighter and darker variations of beige – which is great in order add depth to your eye look without adding a different colour. If that makes sense…Basically this palette is like the 101 for a natural eye shadow look – simple & easy to use! ;-).

Eye shadows LILY LOLO

Right, on the skin they are a bit more shimmery, with stark naked being the only matte shade from these for – perfect for highlighting! The quality feels great – especially for a natural product! The colour payoff is very nice too- I wouldn’t say it is amazing but definitely very buildable , which is actually quite good for a natural eye look. Also the colours blend very well!

Lily Lolo eye shadow

Lady Godiva is definitely the most shimmery from the eight and also my favourite. Because it is gold – duh 😉 My go-to look is applying Lady Godiva all over the lid, highlighting the inner corner and eyebrows with Stark Naked and adding Birthday Suit or Exhibitionst to my crease! The shadows last very nicely as well, don’t crumble and there is very little fallout as well! So far I am super pleased with them, which honestly I a so stoked about because I have had really bad luck with a few other natural eye shadows so far!


I can highly recommend this eye shadow palette- especially if you like warm-toned, neutral eye shadows! The sleek, compact design is definitely a win for me, the quality of the shadows it great and the colours go very nicely together to create a quick, everyday look! Also, the price-point is very reasonable!

What are your favourite, natural eye palettes? Any recommendations?

PS: I also really love their mineral makeup – they offer an amazing starter pack to find your perfect shade & it comes with the CUTEST little brush 🙂 You can read my review here!

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