Lily Lolo Blush Showdown: Pressed vs Mineral

Lily Lolo Pressed vs Powder Blush

I recently was in desperate need of a new blush, so I decided to try one out from one of my favourite natural companies: Lily Lolo. I love them for their design, their affordability, the clean ingredients they use and of course that they are cruelty free. You can read more about the brand here.

So i jumped onto their website and went back and forth between the loose mineral blush and the pressed blush and finally decided to just try them both. I generally like natural, slightly pink-ish blushes so I literally managed to pick up two in exactly the same colour (which I don’t mind at all). They will look slightly different in some of the following pictures but on my (currently still quite tanned) cheeks both colours look literally identically.

Lily Lolo blushes

So here comes the big showdown:

Size / Packaging

Lily Lolo blushes

As you can see, the pressed blush is a lot smaller (around half the size) and also comes with a mirror, which is a big, big bonus. Secondly – and I don’t know about you guys – but my morning routine usually calls for speed. Speed showering, speed makeup, speed breakfast – speedy running out of the house 😉 So let’s just say that it happened more than once that the mineral blush just went everywhere when I opened it! Let me tell you, that colour is not the best to remove from white furniture and carpet… So unless you have a lot of time or are a really careful person in general…you might want to opt for the pressed one in this point.

Colour / Pigmentation

Lily Lolo blush swatches

Alright, so the first one (closer to my wrist) is the mineral blush in the colour CLEMENTINE. The second one is the pressed blush in the colour BURST YOUR BUBBLE (cute name, right?). I tried a few different shots but it somehow always comes up quite pink on my hand. I think the very first picture is actually a truer representation of the colours. However what this picture shows is the difference in pigmentation. The pressed blush is a lot more pigmented than the mineral blush. The mineral one somehow seems to “sink” into the skin a bit more if that makes sense. Again, colour-wise they look very similar on my cheeks and are kind of like a mix between a burned red and pink – very nice and natural yet still with enough red undertone to make my cheeks look nice and rosy. Oh and also, both shades are matte and have absolutely no glitter or sparkle in them. This round really doesn’t have a winner, because I think if you want to go for a very natural, “no-makeup” look the mineral blush would be better and if you want a bit more pigmentation, the pressed blush would be better. So it really comes down to personal preference here.

Final Verdict

Lily lolo blushes

To be honest, my clear winner is the pressed powder and here are my arguments:

  • Small, no-mess packaging (with mirror!) – perfect to chuck into my on-the-go makeup bag
  • Great pigmentation/ colour payoff
  • Easy to blend
  • Perfect everyday colour

I still like and use the mineral blush, but I think it is best to use without foundation (as it blends easier on natural skin) and when you basically just want to freshen your cheeks a tiny bit. Like I mentioned above, if you are looking for a blush for a “no-makeup” look – this one is great!

Alright, there you have it. Pressed blush knocked the mineral one out cold ;-).

What is your favourite blush? And have you made similar experiences with pressed vs mineral blushes?     I would love to hear!

Lily Lolo Blush Showdown

4 thoughts on “Lily Lolo Blush Showdown: Pressed vs Mineral

    1. Great question, Elena – I totally forgot to talk about that! Thank you for reminding me 🙂
      I wore them both (one on each cheek) yesterday on top of foundation and they both lasted all day!
      So staying power is great and they are both winners in this round 😉
      Joi xx

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