Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (Starter Collection in Medium)

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation Starter Set

Hi everyone, long time no talk! Life has gotten the better of me lately and unfortunately that meant not spending as much time on here as I would have liked to. Moving across the world and changing your life rather drastically is a scary process and the last two months were definitely challenging for me. However, I think what is important to remember when going through major changes in your life is to just take it one step at a time and not rush yourself into anything too soon. Taking time off to reflect, reevaluate and regroup are important (though sometimes painful) processes in our life, which often cannot be rushed. Also, if I have learned anything from this experience is to not put yourself under too much pressure and thus neglect the things that truly make you happy. For me, I really enjoy blogging, making videos, as well as testing and researching green beauty and fashion items. But instead of focusing on that, I focused on all the worries of my life, as I felt that they were more important. Yes, makeup and beauty is not the biggest necessity in our lives, but it makes me happy and if I am happy I am a lot more likely to look at things with a more positive mindset. So since we are on that topic…let’s get back into what you probably came here for…makeup! 🙂

First off, can we all appreciate that packaging…Isn’t it sooo pretty. Yay for natural makeup looking just as gorgeous as “mainstream” makeup! Second of all, how cool is the concept that you can buy a samples pack, with four different shades to try out the brand before purchasing the real deal! Talk about customer-friendly! The set was part of my recent natural products haul, so you can check it out live and in colour here! Since then I have tried and tested it (and actually almost finished all four of the little containers), so keep on reading if you are interested in a review (and pictures of my face with the makeup on ;-))
Lily Lolo Mineral Makeup Set in Medium

I got the starter set in the shade medium, as I figured that would suit my skin tone best. As you can see, it comes with four little containers of different shades, as well as a mini buki brush (too cute!).

Lily Lolo Starter Set in Medium

Benefits of Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

  • Natural foundation with SPF
  • With reflective mica, ideal for concealing blemishes & wrinkles
  • Long-lasting & waterproof
  • Oil-free & suitable for all skin types
  • With active antibacterial ingredients
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • Ideally suited to apply with the Kabuki brush for a flawless complexion

Lily Lolo Starter collection 4 medium shades

Top left: Cookie                                                                     Top right: Warm Honey

Bottom left: Flawless silk finishing powder              Bottom right: Popcorn

I did not realise this when I first unpacked the containers, because to me the shades all kind of looked the same, but the starter collection actually only comes with 3 foundation shades and one finishing powder. Want to know how I realised this? I tried out all the powders to see which one would match my skin best and while they all had quite a good coverage, one was almost translucent…yes, you guessed it…that was the finishing powder 😀

Let’s have a look at the swatches:



I did not edit the pictures of the swatches, but my hands are definitley a bit darker than my face, so the shades actually match a lot better than as they appear to in these pictures.






FLAWLESS SILK (Mineral Finishing Powder)

Can you see a difference in the foundation shades and the finishing powder? Yep, pretty obvious right? (Don’t ask my why I did not realise this straight away). Oh and also, it actually says it on the container as well 😀

Lily Lolo Mineral foundation in the shade cookie and popcorn

Alright, so here is the foundation applied to my face (the picture is unedited as well). I used the shade Cookie for my entire face, but the shade Popcorn under and around my eye area in order to brighten it up a bit. It worked pretty well, I think. What do you reckon?

I simply tapped a little product into the lid of the container and dipped the mini kabuki brush into it. It worked really well, as the mini brush was small enough to fit into the lit completely. However it took quite a while to apply it to my entire face, so I would definitely invest into a normal-size Kabuki brush for mineral makeup application in the future.

I am always looking for a high-coverage foundation, which this definitely was. It only took me one coat and a bit extra on spotty areas (like me checks), so that was great!

Before I round up this post with all the things that I really, really liked about this foundation, let’s just quickly mention what did NOT work so great for me. The only trouble I had really was getting the product out of the container and then by the second time I used it, the product would stick to the lid and it was hard to pick up with the brush. But I can imagine that this would not be a problem with a full-size item. Secondly, my skin can get a bit dry and flakey at times and I found that the foundation really clinked to the dry spots.

Full face makeup with Lily Lolo mineral foundation in the shade cookie and popcorn

So here is my full face of makeup with concealer and blush applied directly on top over the foundation.

What I liked about Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

  • Great selection of shades with different undertones
  • Could mix shades for different areas of my face/eye area/neck
  • Build able, full coverage
  • Lasted very well (12 hours on a busy day!!)
  • Waterproof but still easy to remove (I use coconut oil to remove my makeup)
  • Works well with concealer, blush etc on top

Overall, I can highly recommend this foundation and especially the starter collection as I think it is a great way to find out what shade you are. I will probably be buying the full-size foundation in the shade cookie now!

If you have any favourite green foundation, please leave them in the comments down below! I find it so so hard to find great foundations and am always looking to trying out new ones !

Love, Joi

2 thoughts on “Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (Starter Collection in Medium)

  1. Hi Joi!
    May I ask what skin colour shade are you? I have neutral tones and am looking into this mineral foundation but am not quite sure which shade is best. I’m around NC 30-35.


    1. Hi 🙂 I have a warm skin tone and used to be NW30 (during summer) back when I used MAC products.
      You might want to try the collection in the lighter shades as all of these have quite warm, yellow-ish undertones.

      I hope this was helpful.

      Lots of love, Joi xx

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