KUU Konjac Sponge [Bamboo Charcoal]

KUU Konjac spongeHappy December, everyone! Are you guys in the festive spirit yet? Have you got all your presents? My christmas season this year is VERY different than last year or any christmases I had so far actually. First of all, I am spending it in New Zealand with my parents, which has not been the case for over 5 years, so I am really excited for that! Second of all, I don’t really have my own space to decorate, which has made it kind of hard to get into the spirit. Also, where are the christmas markets and the Glühwein? On the other hand though, I am really enjoying the warmer temperatures and also looking around for ethical, conscious christmas presents, which is another first for this year. The last months that I have spent in New Zealand I have done a ton of research and tried a few really amazing local (either NZ or Australian) companies, ranging from beauty to makeup or fashion items. So I figured during the next weeks leading up to Christmas, I will share as many of these products here on the blog as I can. Hopefully it will give you either an idea of what to buy for your loved-ones or introduce you to a new company or you might even find something that you really want to try out yourself! 😉 Shopping small and supporting local businesses can be so much fun and I believe that it will be the future of economy, in order to make an effort to save our planet as well as create equal rights for all of us on earth (a girl can dream big, right? 😉 )

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Macadamia Oil & Lip Balm

Macadamia skin careAbout a hour north of Auckland is the beautiful town of Matakana, which has an amazing farmer’s market every weekend! If you are somewhere in the area or are planning a trip to New Zealand, I can highly recommend to check it out! Despite the delicious food, I was happily surprised to find some natural skincare items as well, which I obviously had to try out!

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Akamuti Green Clay Face Mask & Tea Tree Lavender Cream

Akamuti Face Mask & CreamHappy first of October! While the northern hemisphere is moving into fall and colder days, here in New Zealand it is finally getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Not long before I can hopefully jump into the ocean and enjoy my weekends at the beach. My skin however is not really in spring-fever yet. The contrary, actually! It has been playing up quite a lot lately and is even more breakout-prone. Wearing foundation to work everyday is not exactly helping either, so I am happy when I can give my skin a little break, pamper it and at the same time use products that help my skin heal quickly. My favourite products lately have been the Akamuti Green Clay Face Mask in combination with the Te Tree & Lavender Cream. The products are super clean and so simple but really effective! (Oh and I still use their Shea Butter everyday- cannot live without it)

[Spoiler alert: Keep Reading if you want to see my funny, green mask-face 🙂 ].

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100% Pure Samples

100% Pure SamplesSo this is going to be a very quick and admittedly probably a bit of a boring post. But I just found these 4 little samples in the bottom of a makeup bag (which I may or may not have forgotten to unpack when I moved across the world about 2 months ago haha). AND of course, when you find something from your favourite company it kind of feels like christmas, so I just had to jump into the shower, use both shampoos (obviously!), nourish my skin afterwards with the yummy honey almond body cream and lastly, put on the coffee bean eye cream. What a pamper night! 🙂 I can only recommend it!

Now, the winner in this four-pack for me is definitely the eye cream! I cannot believe I have not mentioned this little wonder thing yet! This was actually the first product I ever tried from 100%Pure and one year later I still use it pretty much daily, as it makes my eye area super smooth at night and depuffs it in the morning! Oh, and my favourite thing? It smells of sweet popcorn (not kidding!).

The shampoos were very nice and refreshing too – I can definitely recommend them. Although I do have very low maintenance hair so I might not be the best person to talk hair care.

The body cream was okay. It smelled super yummy, but was a bit too runny for my taste. I guess I am just way too used to using coconut oil and might have forgotten what actual body lotions feels like 😀

Anyone else as obsessed with amazing samples as I am? 🙂

Love, Joi

Martina Gebhardt Rose Lotion & Calendula Cream

Rose and Calendula Cream

I received these samples with a beauty order a while ago and because both the lotion and the cream have lovely, clean ingredients, I gave them a go! Okay…I might have missed that the calendula cream is meant for babies, but oh well 😉

About the company

Martina Gebhardt Naturkosmetik is a German brand, who…

  • only uses 100% natural ingredients
  • not uses synthetic raw materials, surfactants, glycerol, titanium dioxide, preservatives or alcohol for their creams and lotions
  • do not uses any raw materials produced by inhumane animal practices
  • obtains more than 95% of their raw materials from certified organic cultivation or Demeter contract cultivation
  • prepares their own spagyric essences
  • This preparation follows rhythmical, biodynamic principles
  • All of their products have the official seal for certified natural cosmetic products

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Akamuti Shea Butter


In my video, which I posted at the beginning of the week (thank you to everyone who watched is so far! 🙂 ), I mention this Shea Butter, which I am absolutely in love with. In the video the tub is obviously empty, so I really wanted to show you the actual product in this post, as I have already repurchased it!


  • Virgin Organic Shea Butter

Yep, not kidding- this Shea Butter is the real deal. Nothing else in there. The country of origin is Ghana and it says on the tub that this pure, unadulterated tree goodness is fairly traded with co-operatives in Ghana. So this is not only great for our skin, but can also be bought knowing that it was made in a safe and fair working environment. Win-win!

Shea Butter consistency


  • Melt a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply to warm skin

As you can see in the photo, the consistency is really thick and can’t really be applied if you don’t rub it between your fingers first. As expected it also takes quite a while to sink into your skin, but then leaves it super soft and smooth.

What I use it for

So I have a little story about how I found this product. Basically, I have been using one single cream my entire life: Kaufmann’s Kinder Creme. This is what has literally been used on me while I was a newborn in the hospital and then for the following 23 years. I ALWAYS carried a tub with me and got numerous of my friends hooked onto it. I used Kaufmann’s mainly on my lips, on my hands before going to bed, on my nose during winter and any other chapped, dry bits of skin that just needed a nice and thick layer of cream. So when I realised that the ingredients weren’t all that great (not crazy bad but also not exactly super clean, as it contains (natural) perfume), I was pretty much devastated and not really sure what to use instead. I tried a couple of natural moisturisers, and substituted with coconut oil for a while, but nothing was giving me that thickness that I wanted. Especially during the German (very cold, very dry) winter, I was missing my cream dearly. So eventually, after some research, I found the Shea Butter and decided to give it a go. And what can I say? I LOVE it! It does exactly what I was looking for, plus I LOVE the scent! To me, it smells like chocolate 🙂 So here are a few of the things that I use it for on a daily basis:

  • As a lip balm in the mornings and at night
  • As a hand cream before going to bed
  • On my elbows, any other dry spots of skin
  • On my entire face, when it is particularly dry, as it is supposed to help with problematic skin as well. So far it has not broken me out and makes my skin feel super soft the next morning

Okay…I hope I could convey how much I love this product 😉 Let me know, what your favourite cream is!

Love, Joi

CMD Nourishing Body Butter

Nourishing Body Butter

As I got out of the shower last night, I saw this little goodie sitting in my bathroom storage container (next to extra razors, hair brushes and random samples) and decided that it was perfect to give myself a little pampering. Usually I just slab on (quite literally) some coconut oil as moisturizer, so this felt like a very special treat. Oh and that vanilla scent! Seriously cannot get enough of it!

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Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Schmidt's deodorantDeodorant was actually one of the first things that I swapped out for a more natural alternative. There are some nasty chemicals in those spray cans and I have also read a few reports linking the use of deodorants to breast cancer [not a medical expert here though]. Anyway, wanting to make a change was easier said than done and so I ended up testing out my fair share of products, with mostly not so great results. Like crystal stones, for example, which work well, but not well enough when you want to keep your white blouse sweat-free until that last meeting at the end of the day. So up until 2 months ago I actually still used a regular deodorant on the side, you know for those emergencies, like said meetings or going out for dinner after work.

BUT – drumroll, please – these days are over, because I am crazy excited to report that I have found the BEST natural deodorant out there (well, judging by the ones I have tried yet). Not only does it last me all day, it also smells really really nice & is easy to apply, so that I can even take it with me on the go (see a picture of how I depot it on my Twitter account)!

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