Wishing for everyday miracles

This week was my 25th birthday (yay me for making it through a quarter century!) and when I woke up in the morning, I thought about what I would like to wish for this year. Now, I struggle often with not thinking as highly of myself as I should (and as others do) and not giving myself the credit that I actually earn. I constantly strive higher, wider, further and am my own harshest critic and competition (sounds familiar, to anyone? 😉 ).

But for my birthday I figured that I should reach for the stars. No one else can wish me something as amazing as I can wish for myself (how are they supposed to know anyway?). No one else can treat me kinder than I (should!) treat myself and no one else can dream bigger than I (again: should!) dream for myself.

So I wished for miracles.

I wished that my eyes will be open at all times, always ready to catch a glimpse of the next miracle, which is approaching me. I wished that my heart and mind will be judgement-free in order to realise the miracles that might be hiding outside my belief system. I wished that I find balance in life in order to keep my physical body grounded and healthy so it is ready for change and action when the miracle falls upon me.

There are so many things, which we cannot control and though I am grateful for everyone who wished me happiness, health and success for my birthday, I know (from my humble 25 years of experience), that the universe often has different plans for us. However what I can wish for and work on every day is to see the beauty in every little detail, to stay in the present and not worry about the past or the future, to trust that everything happens to me for a reason and to trust myself that I will always be okay. I (and so do you!) deserve to wish for miracles. Because if we are open to them, they will happen every single day, no matter if we happen to be sick, poor, healthy, rich, successful or failing.

So let’s bring on this next year, which I am so excited for, as I will wake up everyday wondering what beautiful things the universe might have in store for me today, which I could have never imagined myself. Because really, life itself is just one big miracle.