Natural Mascara Collection & Review

Natural Mascara Review

Mascara has always been my favourite Makeup item, and while I sometimes stick to a particular one for a couple of months (more so before I started using natural makeup though), most of the time I am on the hunt for new ones. Especially in the green beauty world I have not found my holy-grail product though, although there are a few, which I really really like. Any suggestions for water-proof natural mascaras? I am dying to find one!!

Here are the links to the mascaras I talk about – please check out the video below for an in-depths review (I also show you the wands etc):

I hope you enjoy watching!

Joi xx

Lavera Foundation & Concealer Review (+life update)

Lavera Foundation & Concealer Review

I am back! I have missed this blog and creating content so much, but let me tell you this year has been an absolute whirlwind so far and has taken up all of my time (in a very positive way). It is not like things are going to quieten down anytime soon, so I figured I might as well jump back online now – in the midsts of all the craziness. 🙂 You can scroll down below to see more about the concealers and foundations as well the YouTube video, but if you are interested in why I have been so absent, I will share with you a few personal bits:

Well, it all really started last (New Zealand) summer, so about 10 months ago now, when I decided to change my life completely and had the most amazing summer of my life, which included lots of fun, time spent at the beach and in the water and most importantly meeting my now fiancé 🙂 From then on out things just went in a crazy speed – we moved into a brand-new flat in February, with absolutely no furniture, so that was a big project in itself. I then started a new job in March as well as my last semester of uni- writing my Master thesis. A few months later (during the busiest period of my thesis), I started a new job in the same company, we got engaged and most importantly, we found out that we were expecting identical twin boys. This year has without a doubt not only been the best of my life so far, but also the busiest and most fast-paced one, with so many changes to adapt to and things to learn about!

All along the way I have of course not stopped to love and use green beauty and lifestyle items as well as continue my journey towards a more mindful (and centred) life. And I have been missing it a lot not being able to share it and being involved with this amazing community, so I am crazy excited to get back to it! I have quite a few videos to put up, before I then hopefully get into a more routined schedule, so watch this space the next days/ weeks!

Oh, and If you would like to follow my twin pregnancy, check out my other blog Joiful Jelly Beans and YouTube channel!

But now, onto what this post is actually about – amazing foundations and concealers:


Lavera is a German natural cosmetics company, who also happen to be quite affordable. I had never tried their makeup before, so when I ran out of all my concealers and foundations one day (yes, I had no idea that could happen either…), I decided to do a bulk order to try some of their products – and I am so glad I did, because I love them!

For more information on the brand, you can, as always, check out the Brand Directory here.

I talk in depths about all the foundations and concealers in the video below, and show you how I apply them! So I hope you enjoy watching and thank you so much for stopping by Joiful!


Earth Day: From yogurt cup to toothbrush and razor

From yogurt cup to toothbrush and razor

Happy Earth Day, everyone! I shared a link earlier on my Facebook page, which talked about 10 little, easy things that everyone can do to celebrate this day and help to make an impact in keeping our beautiful earth alive. Well, really you should be doing these things everyday, but hey…baby steps are the key here. Anyway, then I also saw this video from the super cool Lauren and it reminded me that I haven’t shared with you guys yet my current toothbrush and razor (Don’t worry I took the pictures before I started using them!). They aren’t any toothbrush and razor, they are made from recycled yogurt cups – pretty cool, right? And also very Earth Day appropriate because the amount of waste we produce is rapidly becoming one of the biggest problems on this planet.

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Lily Lolo Blush Showdown: Pressed vs Mineral

Lily Lolo Pressed vs Powder Blush

I recently was in desperate need of a new blush, so I decided to try one out from one of my favourite natural companies: Lily Lolo. I love them for their design, their affordability, the clean ingredients they use and of course that they are cruelty free. You can read more about the brand here.

So i jumped onto their website and went back and forth between the loose mineral blush and the pressed blush and finally decided to just try them both. I generally like natural, slightly pink-ish blushes so I literally managed to pick up two in exactly the same colour (which I don’t mind at all). They will look slightly different in some of the following pictures but on my (currently still quite tanned) cheeks both colours look literally identically.

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Wishing for everyday miracles

This week was my 25th birthday (yay me for making it through a quarter century!) and when I woke up in the morning, I thought about what I would like to wish for this year. Now, I struggle often with not thinking as highly of myself as I should (and as others do) and not giving myself the credit that I actually earn. I constantly strive higher, wider, further and am my own harshest critic and competition (sounds familiar, to anyone? 😉 ).

But for my birthday I figured that I should reach for the stars. No one else can wish me something as amazing as I can wish for myself (how are they supposed to know anyway?). No one else can treat me kinder than I (should!) treat myself and no one else can dream bigger than I (again: should!) dream for myself.

So I wished for miracles.

I wished that my eyes will be open at all times, always ready to catch a glimpse of the next miracle, which is approaching me. I wished that my heart and mind will be judgement-free in order to realise the miracles that might be hiding outside my belief system. I wished that I find balance in life in order to keep my physical body grounded and healthy so it is ready for change and action when the miracle falls upon me.

There are so many things, which we cannot control and though I am grateful for everyone who wished me happiness, health and success for my birthday, I know (from my humble 25 years of experience), that the universe often has different plans for us. However what I can wish for and work on every day is to see the beauty in every little detail, to stay in the present and not worry about the past or the future, to trust that everything happens to me for a reason and to trust myself that I will always be okay. I (and so do you!) deserve to wish for miracles. Because if we are open to them, they will happen every single day, no matter if we happen to be sick, poor, healthy, rich, successful or failing.

So let’s bring on this next year, which I am so excited for, as I will wake up everyday wondering what beautiful things the universe might have in store for me today, which I could have never imagined myself. Because really, life itself is just one big miracle.

KUU Konjac Sponge [Bamboo Charcoal]

KUU Konjac spongeHappy December, everyone! Are you guys in the festive spirit yet? Have you got all your presents? My christmas season this year is VERY different than last year or any christmases I had so far actually. First of all, I am spending it in New Zealand with my parents, which has not been the case for over 5 years, so I am really excited for that! Second of all, I don’t really have my own space to decorate, which has made it kind of hard to get into the spirit. Also, where are the christmas markets and the Glühwein? On the other hand though, I am really enjoying the warmer temperatures and also looking around for ethical, conscious christmas presents, which is another first for this year. The last months that I have spent in New Zealand I have done a ton of research and tried a few really amazing local (either NZ or Australian) companies, ranging from beauty to makeup or fashion items. So I figured during the next weeks leading up to Christmas, I will share as many of these products here on the blog as I can. Hopefully it will give you either an idea of what to buy for your loved-ones or introduce you to a new company or you might even find something that you really want to try out yourself! 😉 Shopping small and supporting local businesses can be so much fun and I believe that it will be the future of economy, in order to make an effort to save our planet as well as create equal rights for all of us on earth (a girl can dream big, right? 😉 )

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Lily Lolo Laid Bare Eye Palette

Lily Lolo Laid Bare PaletteI absolutely love eye shadow palettes, because I think they are just so convenient and easy- especially the ones with natural shades for an everyday quick eye look! I usually keep my eye makeup the same and pretty repetitive so I actually use up eye shadow palettes quite quickly (except for that odd shade that every palette has probably 😉 ). I have been searching for a natural one for a while because somehow palettes don’t seem to be too common in the green beauty world. Anyway, I was super happy to stumble across this Laid Bare Eye Palette from Lily Lolo- as the name suggests the shades are very neutral, perfect for an everyday look and also suiting my brown eyes!Read More

Australia Trip Haul – Conscious Beauty, Decorations, Clothes…

Australia Trip Haul

Finally a new Youtube video – still struggling a bit with the whole technical side of this communication medium- so much to learn! At the same time I am so excited about all the natural & ethical items I am finding, that I feel like I just need to share them with you guys! The world we live in is changing so rapidly and what better way to create awareness for all the brands that help to make that change, than to talk about them!

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