Akamuti Shea Butter


In my video, which I posted at the beginning of the week (thank you to everyone who watched is so far! 🙂 ), I mention this Shea Butter, which I am absolutely in love with. In the video the tub is obviously empty, so I really wanted to show you the actual product in this post, as I have already repurchased it!


  • Virgin Organic Shea Butter

Yep, not kidding- this Shea Butter is the real deal. Nothing else in there. The country of origin is Ghana and it says on the tub that this pure, unadulterated tree goodness is fairly traded with co-operatives in Ghana. So this is not only great for our skin, but can also be bought knowing that it was made in a safe and fair working environment. Win-win!

Shea Butter consistency


  • Melt a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply to warm skin

As you can see in the photo, the consistency is really thick and can’t really be applied if you don’t rub it between your fingers first. As expected it also takes quite a while to sink into your skin, but then leaves it super soft and smooth.

What I use it for

So I have a little story about how I found this product. Basically, I have been using one single cream my entire life: Kaufmann’s Kinder Creme. This is what has literally been used on me while I was a newborn in the hospital and then for the following 23 years. I ALWAYS carried a tub with me and got numerous of my friends hooked onto it. I used Kaufmann’s mainly on my lips, on my hands before going to bed, on my nose during winter and any other chapped, dry bits of skin that just needed a nice and thick layer of cream. So when I realised that the ingredients weren’t all that great (not crazy bad but also not exactly super clean, as it contains (natural) perfume), I was pretty much devastated and not really sure what to use instead. I tried a couple of natural moisturisers, and substituted with coconut oil for a while, but nothing was giving me that thickness that I wanted. Especially during the German (very cold, very dry) winter, I was missing my cream dearly. So eventually, after some research, I found the Shea Butter and decided to give it a go. And what can I say? I LOVE it! It does exactly what I was looking for, plus I LOVE the scent! To me, it smells like chocolate 🙂 So here are a few of the things that I use it for on a daily basis:

  • As a lip balm in the mornings and at night
  • As a hand cream before going to bed
  • On my elbows, any other dry spots of skin
  • On my entire face, when it is particularly dry, as it is supposed to help with problematic skin as well. So far it has not broken me out and makes my skin feel super soft the next morning

Okay…I hope I could convey how much I love this product 😉 Let me know, what your favourite cream is!

Love, Joi

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