Akamuti Green Clay Face Mask & Tea Tree Lavender Cream

Akamuti Face Mask & CreamHappy first of October! While the northern hemisphere is moving into fall and colder days, here in New Zealand it is finally getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Not long before I can hopefully jump into the ocean and enjoy my weekends at the beach. My skin however is not really in spring-fever yet. The contrary, actually! It has been playing up quite a lot lately and is even more breakout-prone. Wearing foundation to work everyday is not exactly helping either, so I am happy when I can give my skin a little break, pamper it and at the same time use products that help my skin heal quickly. My favourite products lately have been the Akamuti Green Clay Face Mask in combination with the Te Tree & Lavender Cream. The products are super clean and so simple but really effective! (Oh and I still use their Shea Butter everyday- cannot live without it)

[Spoiler alert: Keep Reading if you want to see my funny, green mask-face 🙂 ].

About the company

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How I use the face mask and what I love about it

Akamuti Green Clay Face MaskSo this green clay face mask isn’t exactly a face mask when you buy it. It is literally just clay powder. Doesn’t really get much more natural than that 😉

Mix green clay maskIn order to make it into a mask, I just get a little dish out, add about two teaspoons of the clay powder and add a tiny little bit of water and then mix it until it becomes a thick paste. You could also use rose water to add even more healing ingredients into your face mask.

Here are some of amazing advantages of the mask: 

  • remarkable cleansing power
  • draws out impurities that may be lurking under the skin layers
  • green clay is ideal for anyone with problem skin
  • helps to soothe skin and draw out any underlying impurities that may have built up in the skin layers from cosmetics/ chemicals etc
  • sundried clay means that the clay retains all it natural minerals & has not been chemically processes in any way

Me with the green clay mask And here is me 😀 Pulling a funny face while wearing my face mask 😀 Because it becomes quite a thick paste (unless you add too much water of course), it is super easy to slab onto your face without anything crumbling or sliding off, which is why I often don’t like face masks – but the consistency of this one has been great every time! It also dries quite quickly. You can already see the lighter, dried spots on my forehead. I usually leave it on for about 10-15 minutes…

Dried face mask

…and then you cannot move your face anymore, which means it is time to wash the mask off. As you can see I can literally not even smile any more than in the picture, because the dried clay becomes quite tight. Time to wash off thoroughly with some warm water and a face cloth!

Afterwards my face feels super soft, extra clean and just really refreshed! The following days my skin still feels really smooth and I notice my skin being a lot brighter!

To follow up after the face mask, which can be a little bit drying (which I think is great to get all the dirt out!), I am using the Tea Tree & Lavender Cream:

Tea Tree & Lavender CreamAgain, the ingredients are super simple and amazing:

Almond oil, Peach Kernel oil, Apricot Kernel oil, Organic Besswax, Organic Tea Tree Essential oil and Lavender Essential oil.

The texture is a little bit different than anything I have ver used before. Kind of like a gel really, rather than a cream! It feels super nice and cool when you apply it on your face and you only need the tiniest amount- perfect to soothe your face after the mask!

A cooling cream with the combined qualities of organic tea tree & lavender which comes to the rescue whenever your skin is in need of a helping hand. Tea tree & lavender are so useful that Akamuti joined them together in this recipe so you can benefit from the best of both. It can be applied to problem & upset skin.

The cream is definitely the most effective product I have ever come across to help my breakouts, so I started using it every night, even when I didn’t apply any face mask before and really noticed a difference! I also really like the refreshing yummy smell- it kind of already smells like a deep cleanse (I guess it’s the tea tree smell).

Alright, I hope you enjoyed seeing my funny mask-faces…

Here is to a fresh start and cleaning up our skin- no matter if you are moving into spring or fall! 🙂

Love, Joi

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