Welcome and thank you for stopping by Joiful, a place which I am aiming to fill with positivity, happiness and all the goodness of natural, organic, toxin-free makeup and beauty; mixed in with a few lifestyle bits and pieces.

Joiful is derived from my name, Joi, so everything you will see on here will be very close to my heart and well, full of me. I have always been a girly-girl (sorry Mum for begging for pink, shiny shoes since I was 2), so beauty and makeup play a big part in my life. In the recent years however I have also had a huge interest in a more wholesome, healthy and natural approach to all aspects of my life. What started as a healthy food journey to cure a number of illnesses since I was fifteen, has gradually evolved into the desire to healthify all aspects of my life.

Think about it: You are feeling good for drinking that green smoothie when the next minute you are clogging up your skin, which is also your largest organ, with a billion chemicals, that go right into your blood and cells. Kind of counteracts all that kale and celery, don’t ya think? So since I had that “aha moment”, I have started doing a ton of research about what was hiding in my makeup vanity. And let me tell ya: It ain’t pretty. You are concerned about a couple of ingredients in your food? Well try 40 ingredients in your makeup that I promise you, you will have never even heard about, let alone be able to pronounce (unless you are some chemistry professor, then you totally win).

So I am hoping you are getting my point here…While beauty comes from within, what you put on the outside can seriously damage that! In fact, I believe that what you apply to your skin can harm you, make you sick and lead to fatal illnesses. But don’t worry, making educated choices is a lot easier than you might think and I am happy to be your little test bunny: Because, while I will never touch mainstream makeup again, I am also determined to find alternatives that stand the glamour-test. Here on Joiful I would like to share my journey with you, show you the items that I have tried so far, review what works and what doesn’t and what you really need to look out for when buying natural makeup and beauty.

In the end, I believe that our money is our biggest vote and that every purchase we make impacts our beautiful world. So I am hoping that my footprint that I leave behind will become a bit greener by inspiring and helping you to think about the items, which many of us use daily, and make more natural choices. For your own good, for the animals’ good and for the beauty of this earth.