31 Bits Jewellery

31 Bits Jewellery

While makeup and skincare products are currently my main focus on my journey to a more natural lifestyle, I have also been stumbling across some amazing jewellery and clothing labels along the way. It blew my mind how many companies are out there, which are working with more sustainable and natural resources to produce beautiful items! One of these companies is 31 Bits. When I first found them online, I was fascinated by how beautiful their jewellery is and was stalking the website every day 😉 So you can only imagine my excitement when my parents gifted me three of their pieces for my birthday!


Here is what the packaging looked liked when I first opened it up- very thoughtfully and securely wrapped! And as you can see in the first picture, the necklace and the two bracelets came with a little linen bag each, which I still keep them in now.


The stunning beads are hand-crafted from recycled paper. Can you believe that? Their designs are so modern and elegant and the items feel incredibly luxurious. Even holding them in my hands now I still cannot believe that they are actually made out of paper- that is some serious skill right there! Despite the quality and design I also really love what the company stands for. If you have read my about section, you know that I truly believe that what we buy as consumers can change our world, as our money is our vote.

With every purchase from 31bits you have a direct impact on a women’s life in Uganda, which I think is such an incredible concept. Here are some more information form their website:

31 Bits exists to empower people to rise above poverty. We connect artisans in Uganda to the international market so they can earn an income and provide for their families. Our development strategy uses a holistic approach, caring for a person financially, spiritually, mentally, and physically. When a person enters our program, she becomes part of our family. She is given a job, a community, and an education while developing a plan for her future.

31 bits_edited-1I kept all of the cards that the jewellery came with as it just feels so special to me and I think it is a great idea to include these pictures of how the jewellery was made. It just makes such a difference when you wear items that have a history. These are truly one of my most-loved pieces and I know that I will have them for a very long time!

Also make sure to check out their Summer collection, I already have my eyes on some of the colourful pieces- so fun and modern! Oh and did you see the marble ones? Sooo pretty, right? I read on there instagram account that they just used white and black paper to create the effect- how clever!

I would love to hear if you have ordered from 31 Bits before or what your favourite, inspiring company is.

Love, Joi

PS: Shipping to Germany did not take too long, but I did need to pick up the package from customs and pay taxes (totally worth it though and I would order again in a heartbeat!).

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