100% Pure

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 19.01.24About the company

100% Pure® formulas are free of harmful toxins that are commonly in other cosmetics. 100% Pure®’s mission is to create the healthiest cosmetics made with the highest quality ingredients. 100% Pure® creates healthy products for our body and also for the environment. Our corporate offices are run by 100% solar energy, our company is 100% electric and our pure, biodegradable formulas are packaged with post consumer recycled plastic, glass, soda cans, paper and printed with biodegradable non toxic vegetable ink. 100% Pure® loves animals – we are completely cruelty free and charitable towards animal welfare.

Where to buy?

100%Pure has online shops in a variety of countries, as well as other shops which carry their products. I would recommend to google 100%Pure and whichever country you would like to have your products shipped to and see what works out best for you. Here are a few websites/ retailers that I personally know of:

USA- www.100percentpure.com : Free standard shipping

Germany- www.100percentpure.de : Free shipping over €60

Europe – www.eu.100percentpure.com

Australia – www.100percentpure.com.au  : Free shipping over AU$99

Australia/ New Zealand: www.lukbeautifood.com : Free OZ standard shipping, Free worldwide shipping              over AU$49.95

New Zealand: www.ohnatural.co.nz

My personal experience

Well that’s easy: 100% Pure introduced me into the world of green beauty, so you could definitely talk about love at first sight here! 😉 I have tried a LOT of their products so far (as you might have also noticed on my Instagram and YouTube channel), and have loved every single one of them! I have ordered from the German online shop, as well as Lük BeautiFood – both of which have great customer service! Highly recommend this brand to everyone who is conscious of what they put onto their skin, yet does not want to compromise on functionality/ staying power etc. Plus, I have not found a more pure company yet (they really stay true to their name!) – you could basically eat all their products and they smell deviously fruity as well!

Products I have tried & reviewed (and love 🙂 )