100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush

100% Pure BlushI am beyond excited to finally revive my blog and fill it with some new content! So what better way to kick things off than to introduce you to my favourite brand. Like in the whole world. Like I am seriously obsessed and spent a little fortune on their products over the past year. Are you ready? Go check out 100% Pure and be totally amazed by their adorable design, colours, textures and most of all by their ingredients. Because guess what? They are miracle workers! Instead of using chemicals, toxins and parabens, they use fruits, oils and all kinds of natural goodness, which won’t harm your skin, animals or the environment. But the best part? Their products actually work and will look amazing on you. Okay, now I kind of sound like a sales-rep. I promise I am not. I am just deeply, madly in love.

The star of today’s show (aka. blog post) though, is this super pigmented, drop dead gorgeous blush. It is the prefect, everyday light pink colour, which gives you that healthy, natural glow. You can check out all the lovely ingredients here, but basically you are covering your checks in fruits and vitamins (sounds yummy, doesn’t it?).

Mimosa Blush

The shade is called Mimosa and as you can see in the swatch photo, it is more of a neutral pink, so it does not even stand out that much on the back of my hand. On my cheeks though it comes out crazy pigmented, which I love.

Blush application

Here is a little mid-makeup picture to show you how I apply it. I have tried a number of brushes, but because the texture is quite powdery (in a nice way though), I found that a stippling brush works best. That way you do not pick up too much product. Cause you know…applying blush is a risky business – if you put on too much you might as well be hired as a clown by the nearest circus.

Finished makeup look

Tadaa- finished makeup look and closeup of my cheeks (gosh that is REALLY close…). Most days I put on a bit more makeup (you know for work, going out for dinner, events etc), but when I have a chilled day, I absolutely love this natural makeup look and I think the blush works great just on its own- no contour, no bronzer no nothing!

I am a big advocate for highlighting the positives and don’t want to draw much attention to products I don’t support, but for the sake of making the transition to a more natural lifestyle, I just quickly want to mention that the blush I used all the time, before healthifying my makeup routine, was the Milani Baked Blush. A widely popular product, which is unfortunate full of chemicals and parabens, of which many have been linked to potential cancer development.

In comparison, I am super happy with this 100% Pure blush, it does the same job for me, has great staying power (literally stays on my cheeks all day!), amazing pigmentation, and will probably last me for a long time as I only use so little product.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Blush

What is your favourite, natural blush? Or have you maybe tried another shade of this fruit pigmented blush? I love discovering new products so I would love to hear from you! 🙂

Love, Joi

PS: I ordered this particular product from the German distribution site of 100% Pure, which ships incredibly quick and has a great customer service. I also know that they have an American site as well as a few stores around the U.S.

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