100% Pure 3 Pots Makeup

100% Pure 3 pot makeup

I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to getting up in the mornings I savour every extra minute in bed that I can get. So usually my morning routine is pretty hectic and I gladly take any short-cuts that will get me out of the house on time, while still looking work-ready. And that is where my new friends come into the game: These 3 little pods from 100%Pure (my favourite company, check out my last post where explain why I am so in love with their products).

So what are we talking about here…Technically, the two lighter shades are Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadows and the red shade is a Fruit Pigmented Pot Rouge, but in reality they are miracle workers and I use them for a lot more than what they are intended for. 🙂 They all come in these cute little glass containers and are perfect for throwing into your on-the-go makeup bag!

3 pots swatches

Here are the swatches (I did not edit the picture, so it shows them pretty true to colour). Belize is definitely the most shimmery one, peachy is rather mat.

The texture of the eye shadows is incredibly smooth and velvety. The rouge is similar in texture- 100% Pure describes it as silky, which I can definitely agree with.

100% Pure Pot rouge in Peachy The blush is soooo easy to apply! I just dab my finger in and blend it onto my cheeks! It feels so light-weight on my skin but yet lasts all day! also, a little goes a long way, which is great! Here you can see me wearing it. It is such a pretty, everyday colour, which looks really natural on me. And can you see what I have on my lips? Told ya- this rouge can totally be used in more than one way. Because it is rather mat though, I like to apply it after using a lip balm first. Again, staying power is great and I kind of like that it is the same colour as on my cheeks (kind of like colour-coordinating your clothes and accessories :-D)

Natural Makeup using 3 items

Now onto the eye shadows- Again, I just use my fingers for application because a) it is easy and b) they blend quite well using my fingers. Maldives is my all-around colour. I start applying it all over my lid and in the inner corner. It cancels out any redness, etc. and gives the lids a nice shimmer. Some days I just wear it alone, for a super-natural look. In this picture however you can see that I applied Belize on top, basically blending it all over my lid and a bit into my crease. Again, this is still a very neutral, every day look, but I think that second colour on top adds a bit of dimension to the eyes and it also shimmers super pretty! Next, I went back to Maldives and applied it as a highlighter above my cheekbones, on top of my nose and my lips. I absolutely love it as an all-face highlighter because the texture is so nice and smooth. Lastly, I also use them as eyelid primers, underneath powder eyeshadow, which has worked great for me as well.

100%Pure 3 Pots Makeup

The only downside is that the eye shadows do move around quite a bit and don’t last all day. I usually just take my finger and smudge it out a bit when it creases or take the little pots with me to reapply later. But for me, the amazing ingredients and ease of application are more important than their staying power so I am still super happy with them.

If I would have to pick a winner though, it would definitely be the rouge pot- that little guy is an absolute keeper and I will probably be ordering a few more colours!

Have you tried any of these out yet?

Hope you will have an amazing weekend!

Love, Joi

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